MentorMate, a Minneapolis-based mobile and application development company sponsored an annual conference for digital professionals and industry experts called MobCon, short for Mobile Conference. The increasingly popular event sparked MentorMate to develop ancillary conferences for new markets and regions. As it’s credibility and attendance expanded the company wanted to raise it’s visual authority. I was part of the team tasked with refreshing the brand with the creative direction of designing an identity that was infinitely flexible yet advanced with a focus on the attendee experience. MobCon Digital Health the first of the conferences to sport the new branding. I touched every element of the launch collateral: signage, brochures, shirts, presentations, and user interface.


The logo represents the mobile screens that unite attendees and their users. Each conference has a distinguishing color palette depending on the location and purpose.

After the success of the first conference MentorMate wanted to capitalize on the momentum for it’s next event, MobCon US. The invitation and head speaker announcement was designed for dual roles — generate early bird registration and create interest. Printed with bright flourescent lime green ink and shipped as a large postcard the unfolded oversized poster generated social media buzz and was even spotted on office walls and common areas.

Selected Works

BLVD AutoworksNaming + Branding

Good & GatherArt Direction

HealthPartnersDesign + Art Direction